It has taken us 32 years to go from the oldest facilities to the newest and the smallest team of only 12 people to over 310 well trained team members and be voted the best auto dealership 20 years in a row! And the smallest selection for new and used cars to the absolute best selection with 52 different models from 4 manufacturers including $30,000,000 in new car inventory.

Today, I promise you we are providing the type of service I've been dreaming, saving, recruiting and training for, for 32 years.

I can tell you without a doubt if you honor us with your business you will love doing business with Navarre! I'm sorry it took so long but was only because I started at 26 years old. I was in debt with no partners except the best (my Lord and Savior), and I had to save a lot of money to do this. My first 10 years I only took a salary of $60,000. my second 10 years $100,000, and all of the rest I invested back into equipment, people and facilities to be able to say without a doubt today you will love doing business with Navarre!

All of this was made possible by hard work, our extremely talented team, and more importantly you our amazing customers and I wholeheartedly THANK YOU. And if you give us the privilege to earn your trust and business, I guarantee you will love doing business with Navarre.